A stand out business in Brisbane for bespoke custom full home improvement renovations including kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes.
Unique Design

Cabinets Online's whole service package is so seamless and easy to use in Quoting, Manufacturing and Delivery.
Ashley Foote - Aredesign

I have been working with Cabinets Online for over ten years and the people are easy to talk with and the quality of the product is always excellent.
Robyn - Great Indoor Designs

Quality is in the Process

Cabinets Online measures 'quality' as not just the standard of the finished product but also the service level. We have long standing clients who have worked along side us in creating our own patent pending online business portal. We have heavily invested to deliver YOU results.

Quality of our Kitchens
Who do we deal with

Outsource your Manufacturing

Supplying exclusively to the trade and providing boutique retail showrooms and designers a fully integrated supplier service since 2003. Cabinets Online caters for the office fit-out as well as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation or whole house project.

Ready To Install

Cabinetry is made with millimetre precision to your specifications and comes either fully assembled “ready 2 install” or cut to size and drilled “ready 2 assemble”, complete with all required hardware for installation.

Very easy to get delivered to your site
We can do Flat-pack

Assembled @ Flat Pack Pricing

Advantages and efficiency gained from all our systems and technology allow us to supply, "ready to install" at highly competitive pricing.

Locked-in Lead times

Offering you complete project management control. Lead times are absolutely locked-in once drawings and specifications are checked and accepted for production.

The lead time is very short
What's the cost to you

Fixed Cost Manufacturing

Every step taken with a quality outsourced solution, increases your bottom line by fixing the cost. Providing YOU stability while we deal with fluctuating markets and consistency of result from employed labour.

4D Flexibility to the mm

What goes on inside the box is just as important as the Height, Width and Depth of the cabinet in this demanding and competitive market. Our Systems which include the Online BPM Portal, Planit CAD/CAM synced with the Anderson Stratos router, give us the ability to offer flexibility and enhanced efficiency.

4 Dimensions of technology
The System never sleeps

The system never sleeps

24 / 7 open access to the online Business Portal allows you to Quote, Order and simply monitor the progress of any job.

Help desk support

Just on the other end of the phone or screen is a skilled CAD and technically savvy cabinetmaker ready to help you make sure all orders are firstly, placed correctly to your design requirements and secondly, processed technically ready for our factory and supply chain to successfully complete manufacturing.

We are always ready to help